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Exploring Impact Play | Safe Techniques & Toys Recommendations

Has your partner ever smacked your bum during sex? Have they ever teasingly whipped your hip with their towel after taking a shower? Or, have you ever pinned them down...

Has your partner ever smacked your bum during sex? Have they ever teasingly whipped your hip with their towel after taking a shower? Or, have you ever pinned them down and playfully bitten or slapped them while making love? If the answer is yes, then you and your partner have unknowingly participated in what is known as impact play.

If you’re intrigued to know more about impact play and how to incorporate it into your relationship, today’s blog will answer just that. Find out about the different types of impact play, the toys and equipment involved, and how to practice it safely.

Let’s Define Impact Play

Impact play is an umbrella term comprising any type of impact made on the body for gratification. Although the gratification is mostly sexual, it can also be non-sexual, for instance as a means of stress release.

Simply put, impact play is a practice during which one individual receives an impact from another individual to experience a sweet combination of pleasure and pain, but safely and consensually.  Some examples of impact play are spanking, flogging, paddling, and caning.

While beginners might like to keep things simple and use their hands to work their magic, more experienced BDSM enthusiasts like to bring sex toys and equipment into the mix. These include whips, paddles, floggers, and for the particularly creative ones, regular household items such as wooden spoons and spatulas.

Remember that when it comes down to impact play, how hard you play depends on you and your partner. While some people prefer light spanking and tickling, others might be turned on by harsh strokes made with force that leave behind marks and bruises. As long as you both are whacking each other with consent and enjoying the experience, you’re good to go.

Techniques Used in Impact Play

When it comes to how people want to be sexually ravaged and how rough they like it, the possibilities are varied. Let us tell you about the different types of impact play.

Hand Spanking 

A flat hand can deliver an arousing slap, specifically if the spanker smacks with consistency. Combine this with some naughty lingo like a strict lecture or corner time, and hand-spanking can be more than enough to satisfy your kinky desires.  

Play Sessions

How about exploring gentle hand gestures and incorporating some light foot movements? While engaging in playful movements might seem a little energetic, you never know – a soft touch or a well-placed step might just be the delightful interaction your partner is looking for.


If a simple spanking doesn’t do it for you, why not go for paddling? A BDSM impact play paddle is a flat instrument made to specifically inflict pain and a sharp sting.


Another exciting form of impact play is flogging. A flogger is mostly multi-tailed and made of leather, latex, or rubber and delivers a ravishingly satisfying blow on the fleshier parts such as buttocks and upper thighs.

Flogging is generally done in two ways. One involves the flogger strands striking once and coming to a halt before striking again. The second involves a cyclic stroke where the dominant partner keeps striking the flogger.

Canes and Crops

Canes and crops are considered to be among the hardcore impact play toys. As with most BDSM props, these items are available in various lengths and widths to deliver a spanking of your desired intensity. However, these toys can leave your submissive partner with visible cuts and bruises, so remember to start easy.


Don’t want to buy BDSM props? No problem! Slippers, belts (without the buckle and prong), rulers (not in steel), ties, and scarves are just a few things you can use as excellent spanking essentials! Get creative and include as many household items into your impact play as you can.

Safety During Impact Play: How to Do It Right

Before you grab a wooden spoon and go all Last Samurai on your partner, remember these tips to safely use impact play in the bedroom.

Consider What Tools and Techniques You’ll Use

Before landing a paddle on your consenting partner’s bum, we recommend that you try it out on yourself first. Lightly pat your arm or leg to experience the sensation and how intense can you get with it. You can also practice your skills on a soft pillow by propping it up to the same height as the submissive when bent over.

Decide What Areas Are Off Limits

As a rule of thumb, the healthier the area, the safer it is to whack. This includes legs, thighs, buttocks, and a soft tapping of the genitals and breasts. Areas you should try to avoid are:

  • Major organs
  • Spine
  • Stomach
  • Lower back
  • Ears
  • Feet
  • Head

Always Negotiate Before the Play

Remember to prioritize safety, sanity, and consent in all forms of impact play. Negotiation plays a crucial role in any BDSM scene, whether you are in a committed partnership or engaging in casual play. RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) is the recommended approach. Keep this in mind to experience scintillating sexual encounters, improve foreplay, enhance sexual intercourse, and intensify your orgasms.

Ensure Open Communication about Boundaries and Aftercare

Discuss the game plan, define what’s on and off limits, agree on safe words to pause or stop the play, and develop a connection before engaging in any physical contact. And remember to do all this before your partner begins whacking you! This is important because it prevents misunderstandings, ensures a safe environment, and enhances the overall enjoyment for everyone involved.

Discuss your boundaries and strong limits (completely unacceptable things) and communicate about how the scene will unfold. The discussion should especially include inquiries about the level of pain the submissive partner is willing to endure. Is a combination of light and intense impact preferred, or is just light impact preferable, or just fierce impact?

Secondly, remember that playing can result in visible marks, so the submissive should communicate how they feel about bruises, scratches, welts, etc. It's also crucial to talk about which toys and items are permitted and not permitted.

Other pertinent questions include who will participate in the game, whether it is going to be necessary to take off any clothing, how long will the play last, etc.

Indulge in Aftercare

Lastly, don’t skip aftercare. The dominant partner must keep the physical and mental welfare of the submissive in mind after the play is over. Although sexually satisfied, the submissive might need some water or a long cuddle after being subjected to stern comments and persistent spanking. Also, consider icing any wounds or tending to wounds.

Ready for an Intense Night of Bondage & Impact Play? Here are Our Toys Recommendations!

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– includes Wrist and Ankle Cuffs, a Belonging Collar, a Whip, a Ball Gag, a Blindfold, four Restraint Buckles, and a Leash

– includes Wrist and Ankle Cuffs, a Belonging Collar, a Whip, a Ball Gag, a Blindfold, four Restraint Buckles, and a Leash

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