Warranty Policy

At CandyBabe, we stand behind the quality of our products. All our vibrators come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Here's what our warranty covers:

- **Warranty Duration:** 2 years from the date of purchase.

- **Shipping Cost:** In case of a defect, the customer is responsible for shipping the product to our warehouse for inspection. If the defect is deemed eligible for a refund, shipping cost will be refunded. Please kindly reach out to us for further assistance, and we will promptly provide you with the necessary shipping address.

- **Inspection Process:** Our engineers will inspect the product upon arrival at our warehouse. If the defect is determined to be a result of the product's original manufacturing, the item will be eligible for a refund.

- **Refund Process:** Refunds will be issued within 7 days of our inspection if the product is deemed defective.

- **Non-Defective Products:** If the product is not found to have a defect stemming from its original manufacturing, a refund will not be issued.

For more details regarding our warranty policy, feel free to contact us.