Non-toxic Sex Toys ONLY

CandyBabe care in and out of their customers!

We only give the true specifications:) you get what you read. 

 Our Sex Toys are extremely soft and made of high-quality Medical Grade or Food Grade silicone, phthalates-free, latex-free, bisphenol A (BPA)-free, Trimethiltyn Chloride-free and more.  All specifications are based on lab test. These toys pass through rigorous quality and safety standards set by the ISO 3533:2021. Learn more about your Sex Toys or Our Vision.

 Liquid silicone Sex Toys provides a soft texture and a unique experience almost like skin, in addition of its hygienic nature and ultra bendable (easy to insert) characteristic. 

 All our Sex Toys are quality-checked 4 times, we have high standards at CandyBabe.


Innovation is our driving force

We strive to ensure you experience only the latest technologies and charming results for G-spot stimulation, clitoral orgasms, carnal delight and sexual gratification. Magnet charging, dual temperature sensations or Liquid Silicone manifest this innovative thought process.

Our products undergo rigorous checks and comply with EU safety standards. Top up that with a two-year warranty, and it's a world where pleasure knows no bounds.

about sex toys


Sex toys are available at almost every other online store these days. But what makes us different from the rest? Our commitment to pleasure and well-being is well exhibited by our exceptional range of sex toys. We focus on quality, safety and innovation like no other brand.

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About bdsm

A world of Luxury

Our range of Handmade BDSM Collection is quite exceptional. It is designed to ensure that your sexual desires and fantasies are catered accurately.

The luxury BDSM Collection is a world of opulence. We have put the best minds together to create outfits and bondage kits made from premium vegan leather.

These products will ensure not only style and comfort in your BDSM experience but also an element of luxury that many crave. The gold and silver hardware materials add an exquisite touch during your pursuit of desire. It is the stuff of the dreams.

Premium Vegan Leather

Handmade Timeless Pieces