How to choose your first sex toy

It is always useful to have advice on how to choose your first Sex Toy. So, we wrote this article to help you choose the best.

Now that you have made the decision to buy a sex toy, you risk getting lost among a multitude of options, which is normal. It is often recommended to start with a small toy when choosing your first one. The most extravagant, largest and with the most options are not necessarily the one that suits you best.


What to consider when choosing your first sex toy?

Obviously, you have to ask yourself a number of questions before buying the ideal sex toy. The following questions will greatly help you choose your first sex toy:

1- What makes you feel great?

Beyond your sex (male or female), not every person experiences the same pleasure and sex toys are as diverse as the erogenous areas of your body. This means that, if you are a man, you could look for a device to stimulate your prostate or if you are a woman your clitoris, for example. The goal is to find a sexual object suitable for what you are looking to stimulate.

However, you might look for another type of sex toy suitable to your erotic fantasies. You may want to have a toy that can awaken them, because orgasm and psychism are closely linked. In this case, accessories such as restraints, masks, or scented candles if an ambient smell arouses your sexual pleasure.


2- What would you like to stimulate?

There are many sex toys that can stimulate several erogenous zones, but some are specially designed to stimulate a particular ergogenic zone. To make a decision, focus on the area you want to stimulate: do you want clitoris stimulation, vaginal stimulation, the vagina and the clit at the same time, the anus and the penis simultaneously? You will have a better idea of which sex toy category to choose by answering these questions.


3- Any shape you prefer?

There are many shapes for your first toy, whatever its purpose. You should ask yourself if you want a more realistic toy or if you are looking for something more discreet and subtle.

Based on the above, you may be more interested in what matches your preferences: a soft dildo, a curved vibrator, a bendable vibrator, a stimulator with a rigid case...or even a wand having greater surface area and a greater number of nerve endings stimulated on your clit? More than you think, the shape, structure, or flexibility itself, as well as the design, will be more important factors.


4- How to use it?

Ask yourself how you will use it. Although this may seem obvious, you will see that it is in fact an essential selection criterion. Indeed, a sex toy intended to be used as a couple is not the same as a sex toy intended for use alone, outdoors or underwater. It can be versatile that's the best part, and that is where your sense of priority takes place.

You can quickly get tired of your sex toy and want to buy a new one if you follow your desire of the moment. That said, do not put too much pressure on yourself because devices with new and more inventive features are regularly arriving on the sex toys market. Knowing this, just think about making yourself happy, and you will see later if you want to renew your purchase with a new wonder.


5- Do you have experience?

It can be more difficult to choose a sex toy that suits your desires if you have little or no sexual experience. For example, if you have never practiced penetration, a dive is probably not suitable for you, at least we do not advise you to do so. A rigid masturbator would not be suitable for you either if you are a man and you are struggling to maintain an erection.

There are many examples similar to these. Think of sex toys as accessories. However, they can also serve as tools for self-exploration, pleasure, discovery and personal development. To make a consistent decision, listen to your own tastes and needs.


6- What size to choose?

As mentioned earlier, it is better to start with a rather small and not too wide sex toy. Although you may be tempted by a considerable size dildo, it is advisable to start gently. It's like masturbation and its benefits: you gradually get to know each other better.

In addition to being able to stimulate yourself more easily, you can wash and store it more comfortably, take it where you want and include it in an erotic relationship with another person, a rather discreet sex toy is a good option. It will be easier to integrate into your erotic encounters if you have a small size when you begin.


7-What materials to look for?

Before choosing your first sex toy, a quality material is a guarantee of safety. In short, your sex toy should never deteriorate quickly or cause health problems. In fact, misuse of sex toys or poor quality can lead to many health problems.

We advise you to choose a medical or food grade silicone, glass or metal sex toy (although the glass and metal are relatively rigid). In addition, you need to choose a water-based lubricant for your silicone sex toy. Look for certified Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016 (Medical device ISO) within the scope of Manufacture and Distribution of Personal Lubricants.


What are the different kind of Sex Toys? 

To help you choose your first sex toy, here are the different types you can find on the market:

Clit Stimulation:

Those are medium-sized objects that allow you to play as a solo or a duo. Their main role is to vibrate onto your clit.
Most wand type vibrators are extremely powerful, especially when connected to an electrical outlet.
There is also clit sucking and licking vibrators, even vacuum ones. 


Vaginal Stimulation: 

  • Dildos with or without motors depending on your budget and preferences. There are many varieties.
  • Vibrators are generally inserted into the vagina to stimulate various erogenous zones, including the G-spot.
  • "Rabbit" type vibrators are both clitoris stimulators and vaginal stimulation for double pleasure.
  • Geisha balls or Kegel balls: Some are vibrating or not, which stimulates the vagina and strengthen those muscles after giving birth. 
  • Vibrating Eggs: Connected or not, heated or not, vibrating eggs are also excellent stimulants for orgasm. 


Penis Stimulation

  • Masturbators are often presented as anatomical representations of vaginas, anus or mouths, usually textured inside. Some of them can also work with a motor.
  • Cock rings, also called penis rings, are sex toys that attach to the base of the penis and can be filled with vibrations to cause new sensations for both him and her during a penetration.
  • Penis pumps are often recommended for people with small sex or erectile problems as they are designed to cause and increase an erection.


Anal Stimulation

  • Geisha balls can also be used for anal intercourse, but they appear in various forms to make them gradually enter the anus.
  • Anal plugs: their conical shape allows them to avoid pain as effectively as possible.
  • Prostate massages: some are even designed to stimulate the P-spot, for men who want to experience prostate orgasm.


10 Best Sex Toys to start


"CLITOVIBES" Mini Clit Vibrator 

Unleash your inner wildcat with the Mini Clit Vibrator "CLITOVIBES"! This sleek, mini flower petal features a super-soft silicone and travel-friendly mini size, allowing you to take your pleasure on the go! Get ready to pounce on some serious satisfaction.



Experience the sensation of a lapping tongue with the "RUBY" Liquid Silicone Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator Rose. The extremely soft Medical Grade Liquid Silicone makes it feel like a real tongue, but with the added bonus of vibrating goodness for your ultimate clit-orgasm.


Get ready to upgrade your pleasure with the "VIP SET" Bullet Vibrator! This tiny, travel-friendly powerhouse is made of medical-grade silicone and comes with two interchangeable sleeves for maximum stimulation. Whether your pleasure zone of choice is the clitoris, G-spot or anal, this vibrator will have you feeling like a VIP!



Made of Medical Grade and Liquid Silicone, This "CHEERFUL" cute rabbit vibrating clit sucker will take your sensation to the next level! Its bunny-eared design and liquid silicone make it feel like a second skin, letting you explore new realms of pleasure with ease. Not only is it perfect for a clit massage, but it will work wonders on your boobs, or wherever else you want it to go! Have a wild ride with this little buddy!



The perfect companion for clitoral stimulation on the go! This mini rabbit will easily travel with you and you can hop from place to place with it. "CUTE RABBIT" packs quite the punch for its size. Perfect for a spot of pleasure, no matter where you are!


Treat yourself to a tongue-tastic adventure with the "JUPITER" Clit Licking and Bendable G-Spot Vibrator! Let it lick and vibrate you into wild, pleasure-filled oblivion as it bends to provide you with all the G-Spot goodness you desire. Get ready for a jaw-dropping time!



Introducing the "EYNO" Clit Sucker and G-Spot Vibrator, the small but mighty force that boasts BIG FUNCTIONS! With its built-in clit sucker and G-Spot vibrator, your pleasure will reach new heights (literally!) for complete satisfaction. So, don't let its size fool you—this little toy packs a big punch!



Sweet sonic satisfaction with the "MINI MIC" Wand Massager! This small yet powerful wand packs big pleasure into a small size, with a soft head that moves at any angle for targeted, oh-so-good sensations. Plus, the gold finish is so glam really makes this wand look like it's ready for the main stage. Rock your world with this mini mic!



"DOUBLE DIAMOND" G-Spot and Wand massager will make you sparkle and shine! A powerful vibration will give you the perfect clit stimulation you deserve! The special ergonomic design makes it easy to use. It has a Multiangular adjustable rounded head on one side, and a G-Spot shaft on the other side. Diamonds are a girl's (best) friend!



Very easy to insert, unlock your ultimate pleasure with the "BENDY" Rabbit! Crafted with a bendable shaft to get into perfect G-spot alignment, this rabbit vibrator ensures you'll reach those spots that are ohhhh so hard to find. Guaranteed to have you hopping with joy, this Rabbit Vibrator will be your go-to for guaranteed satisfaction!