App Controlled Vibrators

App-controlled vibrators are sex toys that can be wirelessly controlled using a smartphone or tablet app.

new liquid silicone technology

it feels just like real skin!

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Non-toxic Sex Toys & Handmade Luxury BDSM

All our Sex Toys are made of Non-Toxic materials, extremely soft and high-quality Medical Grade or Food Grade silicone only, phthalates-free, latex-free, bisphenol A (BPA)-free and more. From your G-Spot Vibrator to your favorite Rabbit Vibrator, and through your Vibrating Butt Plug, we have All Sex Toys Categories and Options!

Try the New Liquid Silicone technology, it feels like just real skin!


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Burning Questions That Just Can't Get Enough!


Ah, the app-controlled vibrator 📱💞 – a toy so genius, it's like the tech world gave us a high-five and said, "Enjoy the future of pleasure!" Picture this: a sleek and sexy toy that dances to the rhythm of your desires, all controlled from the palm of your hand... well, through your smartphone, to be precise.

Welcome to the era where your pleasure is literally at your fingertips! 🌈 With an app-controlled vibrator, you're not just playing with a toy; you're the director of your own movie. Whether you're in the mood for a slow, teasing build-up or a rollercoaster ride of intensity, you have the power to customize every moment. 🎢💓

These techie treasures are perfect for those in long-distance relationships or those looking to keep the flame alive with a bit of digital-age play. Imagine sending a shiver down your partner's spine from across the globe with just a swipe or a tap on your screen. 🌍✈️💖 It’s like sending a love letter, but way more exciting!

And for the solo adventurers, the app-controlled vibrator is your ticket to exploring what truly tickles your fancy. Dive into patterns, play with intensities, musics, and discover what makes your toes curl without ever needing to fumble with buttons on the toy itself. 🚀👣


The app-controlled vibrator opens up a world of possibilities, so there's a good chance you might just hit that sweet spot and achieve orgasmic bliss! 🌟💫 With the power to customize your experience, adjust settings to suit your desires, and explore a range of stimulating patterns and intensities, this tech-savvy toy is designed to help you unlock a world of sensual delight.

Now, while everyone's journey to orgasm is unique and can depend on factors like personal preferences and mood, the app-controlled vibrator is here to add an extra layer of excitement and exploration to your pleasure quest.! 💦😊


In the vibrant world of app-controlled vibrators, there's a delightful array of types to cater to various tastes and desires such as egg vibrators, discreet panty vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, anal vibrators, prostate massagers..


Stepping into the limelight, "YOMI" emerges as the undisputed superstar of app-controlled vibrators, boasting a unique blend of popularity and cutting-edge features. This coveted butt plug is not just any run-of-the-mill toy; it's a beloved favorite among pleasure seekers, setting hearts aflutter with its mesmerizing thrust function.

Here's why YOMI claims the crown as the King of app-controlled vibrators:

**Popularity Personified:** YOMI isn't just liked; it's adored and celebrated. With a loyal following of fans who swear by its tantalizing thrills, this butt plug has captured the hearts (and other parts) of pleasure enthusiasts far and wide. Its popularity speaks volumes about its ability to deliver pleasure par excellence. 🌟

**Thrills with Thrusting:** Thrust function? Check. This isn't your average plug; it's a dynamic powerhouse that knows how to stimulate and surprise. The thrusting feature elevates the experience, adding a whole new dimension of sensation that delights and excites in ways that leave other toys wanting more. 🚀💓

**Tech-Savvy Excellence:** With app control at your fingertips, YOMI places the steering wheel of pleasure firmly in your hands. From customizing thrust intensities to exploring vibration intentisities, this toy invites you on a journey of personalized pleasure that's as thrilling as it is satisfying. 📱🎶

**Rave Reviews:** From its sleek design to its ability to deliver toe-curling delights, YOMI has garnered glowing reviews and applause from users who have experienced its transformative magic firsthand. It's not just a toy; it's a journey into pleasure paradise that leaves a lasting impression. 🌈👏

In essence, YOMI isn't just a superstar; it's an icon in the realm of app-controlled vibrators, combining popularity, innovative features, and a touch of magic to create an unrivaled pleasure experience.