Remote Control Vibrators

Remote-controlled vibrators are sex toys that can be controlled wirelessly using a remote, smartphone app, or other wireless device. These vibrators allow for hands-free or partner-controlled stimulation.

new liquid silicone technology

it feels just like real skin!

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Non-toxic Sex Toys & Handmade Luxury BDSM

All our Sex Toys are made of Non-Toxic materials, extremely soft and high-quality Medical Grade or Food Grade silicone only, phthalates-free, latex-free, bisphenol A (BPA)-free and more. From your G-Spot Vibrator to your favorite Rabbit Vibrator, and through your Vibrating Butt Plug, we have All Sex Toys Categories and Options!

Try the New Liquid Silicone technology, it feels like just real skin!


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Burning Questions That Just Can't Get Enough!


Picture holding a secret remote 🎛️ (far more thrilling and a bit more risqué) that, with just a gentle press, unlocks a treasure trove of pleasure - and nope, we're not chatting about dimming the lights or flipping through Netflix. We're embarking on an electrifying journey into the universe of remote-controlled vibrators! 🕹️💖

Imagine the thrill of discreetly navigating waves of excitement at your leisure, or the playful allure of handing the reins over to someone special, letting them orchestrate your bliss from afar. This isn't just tech at play; it's an adventure in intimacy and excitement, where the next burst of joy is always just a button press away. Whether you're spicing up date night or adding a spark to your daily routine, these sextoys redefine the art of surprise and delight. 🌌🚀


Absolutely, there's a great chance you'll land in orgasm city with a remote-controlled vibrator at the helm of your pleasure expedition! 🚀💥 These ingenious devices are designed with the delicious goal of tailoring your journey to peak satisfaction, offering a spectrum of sensations that can be adjusted, intensified, or dialed back with just a click.

The beauty of remote-controlled toys lies in their ability to immerse you in a world where anticipation builds with every button press, turning even the most routine moments into an exhilarating chase after that big O.

So, grab that remote and get ready for some high-flying pleasure escapades – your ticket to bliss is just a button away! 🎉💜


In the adventurous world of remote-controlled vibrators, there's a plethora of types designed to tickle your fancy in various exciting ways! Each comes with its unique flair, ensuring there's a perfect pick for every pleasure seeker. Let's dive into the fun and explore the different types out there:

**Discreet Panty Vibrators:** Talk about keeping a secret! These discreet charmers fit snugly in your undies, ready to buzz you to bliss at the click of a remote. Perfect for a daring date night or whenever you want to spice up your daily routine. 🩲💓

**Egg Vibrators:** Compact and oh-so-smooth, egg vibrators are a classic choice. They can be slipped into place for internal enjoyment or used externally, all controlled by a remote that can change the game from gentle foreplay to mind-blowing pleasure. 🥚✨

**Cock ring Vibrators:** Designed for couples but fun for solo play too, these vibrators add a vibrating touch to intimate experiences. Worn around the base of the penis, they bring a buzz to both partners at the press of a button. 💍🚀

**Bullet Vibrators:** Small but mighty, bullet vibrators offer pinpoint stimulation that's perfect for targeted pleasure. Remote control allows you or a partner to explore a range of intensities and patterns without any awkward fumbling. 🔫🌟

**Anal Vibrators:** Tailored for those tantalizing backdoor pleasures, remote-controlled anal vibrators are all about enhancing the anal play experience. Designed with safety and pleasure in mind, they often feature a tapered shape for easy insertion and a flared base to keep play safe and comfortable. What sets these apart is the remote control, which adds an element of surprise and hands-free enjoyment to your explorations. Whether you're indulging in solo play or spicing things up with a partner, these vibrators can deliver deep, rumbling sensations that add a whole new dimension to anal excitement. 🎮🌈

**Rabbit Suction Cup Vibrators:** Imagine a device that not only teases and pleases with the classic dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator but also sticks around just where you want it, thanks to a game-changing suction cup base. 🐰🧲 This stellar combo allows you to mount your bunny buddy on any flat surface, turning your hands-free fantasies into reality. With the remote control, you can hop between different patterns and intensities, all while enjoying the signature clitoral and G-spot stimulation that rabbit vibrators are famed for. Whether it's solo play in the shower or a hands-free hop into bliss with a partner, these suction cup marvels are all about adding stability and versatility to your pleasure pursuits.

**Lesbian Strap-On (or no) Vibrators:** Designed with couples in mind, these innovative vibrators cater beautifully to lesbian partners, offering a dynamic range of play possibilities, strap-on or not. 🌈💞 They're brilliantly versatile - some can be worn with a harness for that close-to-skin feeling and deep connection, while others are designed for direct contact, perfect for those who prefer to keep their encounters au naturel. With a remote control, one or both partners can take charge of the vibration settings, navigating a journey of shared pleasure that's as intimate as it is exhilarating. Whether it's exploring new depths of intimacy or enjoying synchronized orgasms, these vibrators extend an invitation to couples to customize their pleasure and discover new heights.
With the remote in hand (yours or your partner's), you're all set to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and pleasure, navigating through different speeds and patterns to find what sends you soaring.

Each variety offers its own unique way to play, experiment, and discover what tickles your fancy in the vast playground of remote-controlled pleasure. So why limit yourself? Explore the options and find your new best friend for those special moments of joy and excitement! 🎈🔥


Step into the spotlight, "HERA-S", the dazzling dynamo destined to be crowned the Superstar of remote-controlled vibrators! 🌟✨ Why, you ask? Let's just say HERA-S is no ordinary competitor in the realm of pleasure play. This egg vibrator brings a game-changing twist to the table – a ROTATING HEAD, a feature as rare as a comet sighting in the world of egg vibrators, ready to sweep you off your feet with its unique, swirling sensations.

Here's why HERA-S is the reigning champion in this pleasure-packed arena :

**The Magic of Movement:** With its rotating head, the HERA-S isn't just buzzing along; it's dancing a mesmerizing tango. This movement offers a deeper, more nuanced sensation, massaging and caressing in a way that static vibes can only dream of. 🌪️💫

**Compact Powerhouse:** Don't be fooled by its cute and tiny design. This egg is mighty, proving once and for all that great things come in small packages. HERA-S is all about delivering powerful sensations that belie its demure appearance, making it perfect for both discreet play and taking on wild adventures. 🐣💥

**Remote-Control Rendezvous:** With its trusty remote control, the HERA-S becomes an instrument of unpredictability and excitement, allowing you or a partner to take the reins of your pleasure journey. This element of surprise and spontaneity can elevate your experience to celestial heights. 🎮🌠

**Popular for a Reason:** The egg vibrator is a beloved classic for its versatility and ease of use, and when you add in HERA-S's revolutionary features, it's clear why this little wonder is poised to take center stage. It caters to all levels of adventurers, from new explorers of pleasure to seasoned aficionados. 🏆🌈

**Adorable Yet Mighty:** There's something irresistible about a device that combines formidable functionality with a cute and compact form. HERA-S challenges the norm, breaking barriers and proving that beauty, brains, and brawn can coexist harmoniously in the world of pleasure tech. 🐥🔍

So, let the confetti fly and the cheers resound, for HERA-S is not just participating in the race; it's zooming past the competition with its rotating head held high. Crown it the champion pleasure provider in the domain of remote-controlled vibrators! 🎉👑