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How Sex Toys Benefit Women’s Mental Health ?

    How Sex Toys Benefit Women’s Mental Health Gone are the days when diamonds were considered a girl’s best friend. These days, it’s sex toys! Yes, as many as...

    How Sex Toys Benefit Women’s Mental Health

Gone are the days when diamonds were considered a girl’s best friend. These days, it’s sex toys!

Yes, as many as 82% of American women proudly and unabashedly own dildos and vibrators. They wish they had bought one sooner because sex toys are the road to the best orgasms and (frankly) far more fun than the real phallus. [Sorry men, but sex toys beat you by a mile… or should we say 9 inches?]


Sex toys colorful

Since the 60s sexual liberation, there has been a boom in the sex industry. As we speak, the global sex toys market touches its peak at USD 32.7 billion (2022). Sex toys such as clitoral suction toys, anal toys, lubes, latex-free sex toys, G spot vibrators etc, have quickly become the cornerstone of female sexual gratification. 

Their tremendous variety has made women live their wildest fantasies with utmost satisfaction and screaming clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Today you can get safe sex toys that are hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, latex-free, eco-friendly, AI-powered and vegan [if you’re against animal cruelty]. These toys pass through rigorous quality and safety standards set by the ISO [3533:2021] that makes:

  • Risk assessment
  • Design assessment & evaluation
  • Material assessment
  • User information guidelines


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Sex toys are fun; they are quirky, innovative and salacious, especially if you use lots of lubes and experiment with different speed, intensity and pulsations. However, there is more to sex toys than sexual pleasure (which, not to mention is of paramount importance). Mounting scientific evidence suggests that sex toys have a profoundly beneficial effect on a woman's mental health.

How? Let’s explore!

Vibrators give Women Better Mental Vibes

Research says it's not only perfectly normal to use sex toys for couple and solo pleasure, but these are also actually pretty good for women's mental health. Sex toys, especially vibrators, the most popular toy in the US, relieve stress, sexual tensions and pent-up frustrations. They elevate your mood and the feeling of well-being. 

Let’s break down the mental health benefits of sex toys.


1. Sex Toys Boost Self-Confidence by Making You Explore Your Body

Knowing your body, especially the pleasurable spots, is extremely important because it establishes a healthy relationship with your body. A kind of relationship where you love yourself and know your deepest secrets and pleasures. Such knowledge can be a great confidence-booster. It equips you with skills to give yourself mild or strong orgasms. Once you know yourself, you can openly communicate your desires and wishes to your partner without inhibitions and shyness.

Furthermore, a healthy relationship between the brain and body de-clutters ambiguous thoughts and sexual confusions. A confident woman knows what she wants and how she wants - from front to behind and from top to bottom. There is literally so much to explore in the sex toys world. Take G spot vibrators, for instance, the phallus-shaped curved wand [the head of which is larger than a natural penis) massages the elusive G-spot and leads to strong arousal and mighty orgasms. Women even report squirting with G spot vibrators. 


Our vibrators are phthalate-free, latex-free, bisphenol A (BPA)-free. You can buy the best vibrators online by clicking here

Fun Fact: They say, words are the best aphrodisiac for a woman for she has two G-spots, one deep in her vagina; the other in her ears.


2. They Spice Up your Sex Life and Satisfaction

Even the most romantic couples need to rekindle passion at times, and what's better than sex toys to do so? 

Sex is superb, but it can be boring sometimes, especially if it’s plain simple vanilla intercourse. Adding sex toys to your somewhat stale sexual life can re-spark pleasure. Research shows that women who use dildo and vibrators have higher and better sexual desires. Vibrators enhance sexual desire by provoking vaginal sensations and increasing genital blood flow.

Red Lingerie

Fun Fact: Women deserve love. Don’t play with their hearts; play with their clitorises and vaginas by adding something licky, gamy and spicy down there, such as a tongue vibrator.


3. Sex Toys Normalize Woman's Pleasure 

Women are never too old to play with toys! 

Ladies, normalize, in fact, prioritize your sexual pleasure. Pick new weapons in bed and, like Nike says, “just do it!” [Don’t don’t forget to keep calm and change batteries frequently though.]

The sheer variety of sex toys today, such as anal toys, latex-free sex toys, vagina balls, packers, and harnesses, gives women so many options to explore their sexuality and experience pleasure in novel ways. 

One study evaluated sexual expectations and experiences in 17 women between the ages of 25 and 55 years. These women used vibrators (pulsating, surging, escalating) and about 50% dubbed the use of vibrator “liberating and empowering” that helped them have orgasm effortlessly. 


Sex Toy App


Fun Fact:  Women’s pleasure is literally “tied to the thumb”. A good, decent clitoral stimulation can give a woman a 20-second-long orgasm. A clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings, making it the holy grail of a woman's sexual pleasure. A clitoris has only one function, i.e., to give women pleasure. For more than 75% of women, vaginal intercourse is not enough. They need clitoral stimulation. 

Wellness Sex Toy

4. Sex Toys Improve Intimacy and Relationship with Your Partner

Contrary to the popular belief that sex toys can hurt your partner’s feelings for "not being enough", research shows that these toys build and improve intimate relations by increasing the chances of orgasms and healthy communication between partners. 

Talking about sex toys helps couples overcome inhibitions and the fear of judgements and stigmatization. The more frankly they talk about and experiment with it, the more they open up - mentally and of course sexually - to discuss all aspects of sex, pleasure, passion, desire and climax.

Playful couple

Fun Fact: In one national US survey, most men responded that they heave a sigh of relief with vibrators around because it takes the pressure off them to give their partner the orgasm. In the same survey, most men and women reported that vibrator use improved their relationships.


5. Sex Toys  Can also Work as Therapeutic Devices

Health providers now believe that sex toys are therapeutic devices since they can potentially treat a range of sexual dysfunctions. Women can and should [highly recommended] use vibrators to give their vaginas a workout. A strong vagina strengthens your pelvic floor.

As you age, the muscle tone of your pelvic floor decreases. Your pelvic floor houses your uterus, bladder and anus. A common way to keep your pelvic floor sturdy is to do kegel exercises. In kegel exercise, you clench and release your vaginal muscles multiple times a day in sets of 15, 30 or more. Several sex shops are releasing products, especially vibrators, that supplement kegel exercises by providing pleasure and pelvic support.

So while you dive deeply into the pleasureland of masturbation with sex toys, your pelvic muscles go to the gym and muscle up! 

So satisfying… or as they say vagin-amazing

Girl Orgasm


Mild vibrations of these toys stimulate the nerve endings on your clitoris, activating the sympathetic nervous system and dilating the vaginal blood vessels. The sweet and relaxing pulsations stretch and relax the vaginal muscles rhythmically and titillate the soft and mushy tissues. Your body's whole biochemistry combines and conspires to give you a high burst of orgasms.

Sex Toys Basket Pink

Several factors such as age, hormones, pregnancy affect vaginal sensitivity decreases but sex toys seem to save the day for women. Can say these toys are the PowerPuff Girls!

A study explored "genital sensation" in women before and after pregnancy and found that vibrators helped as many as 50% of the women return to genital sensitivity and sensation in 6 weeks, with 20% reporting the sensation to be higher and better. 

This is huge, given that a woman goes through several changes that reduce vaginal sensations and sensitivity during pregnancy.

Sex toys work great for women aged 50 and beyond. Research shows that sex toys can greatly enhance sexual arousal and clitoral stimulation in older women with urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Women who cannot cum (anorgasmia) or cum with a great difficulty should try sex toys. At least nine studies confirm that sex toys help women with anorgasmia achieve a satisfactory orgasm with vibrators. Genital vibratory stimulations greatly enhance arousal and increase a woman's orgasmic capacity. 

Sex toys can also spark intimacy in cancer patients and their partners where penile-vaginal sex is contraindicated. Vibratory stimulations facilitate orgasm in fatigued cancer patients with limited energy.

Fun Fact: Women can also use sex toys to train themselves for multiple orgasms during masturbation. The more you know your vagina, the more accurately you can use it for orgasms. 


Sex toys have revolutionized the way we see sex and intimacy today. Recent stats show a rise in their use and acceptance. Several factors, such as social liberation, body positivity movement, improved living standards, the convenience of online shopping and most importantly, the pandemic lockdown, have all contributed to their popularity.

These toys come in various colors, shapes, types and sizes [yes, size matters] to spark your sex life and give you wings in the real sense. Women who use sex toys vouch that these enhance sexual desire and function. Those who have never used it miss out on real fun and orgasms. 

Evidence supports that sex toys have health benefits as well. They liberate and empower women mentally, physically and sexually. More and more women are talking about their sexual desires, explorations and needs to their partners.

Furthermore, these toys, especially vibrators, can offer potential treatment for urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, sexual dysfunction and arousal difficulties. Healthcare providers can safely recommend sex toys to address their patients' sexual health concerns.

So what are you thinking? It’s all about widening your thinking and legs, ahem! 

So just keep your thoughts dirty and sex toys clean! Want to explore sex toys more? Click here!
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