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Which Sex Toys to Use - A User Guide  Picking the perfect sex toy can feel like navigating a tantalizing labyrinth, especially for those embarking on this sensual journey for...

Which Sex Toys to Use - A User Guide

 Picking the perfect sex toy can feel like navigating a tantalizing labyrinth, especially for those embarking on this sensual journey for the first time. The vast array of head-spinning options, combined with the uniqueness of our bodies and sexual desires, can make the decision a thrilling yet slightly perplexing endeavor. Moreover, there's the added uncertainty about the toy's body safety and whether it's crafted from non-toxic materials.


But don’t worry!


Entrust the task to the real authorities—us!


We have our top picks for both first-timers and seasoned connoisseurs but let’s first talk about which sex toys are suitable for who and why.


Sex Toys for Beginners

For beginners curious about the world of sex toys, we recommend starting with user-friendly options that prioritize comfort and ease of use. Opt for toys that are smaller in size and made with body-safe materials, such as Mini Clit vibrators, Small-sized toys allow for gradual exploration.

 Furthermore, you should look for bendable and flexible toys that are easier to insert and adjust per your preferences. Mini vibrators with adjustable speeds and simple pulsation patterns are excellent for beginners, providing a customizable experience without overwhelming sensations.

 More on "how to choose your first sex toy" Here


Sex Toys for Connoisseurs

For seasoned users looking for a more tantalizing experience, the sex toy world is buzzing with attractive options. They can go for larger-sized toys such as an app-controlled butt-plug vibrator or with a heated & thrusting G-spot vibrator to get a fuller sensation and long-lasting, intense pleasure.

 Experts suggest looking for toys with multiple functions, such as speed settings, pulsation patterns, and motors for targeted stimulation. Some advanced toys even incorporate heating and cooling functions, such as our exclusive "Icing Tropics" cooling and heated G-spot vibrator, adding a new dimension of sensory delight.

 However, communication remains vital when it comes to experimenting with sex toys. Make sure that both partners are comfortable and excited about pushing boundaries in the pursuit of heightened pleasure.


Best Sex Toys for Beginners & Experienced Enthusiasts

1. Rabbit Vibrators

For couples looking to kick things up a notch in the bedroom, the rabbit vibrator is the it thing!

Specially tailored to intensify her delight, the rabbit vibrator takes pleasure to new heights. Its dual-action design targets both the can’t-miss-it C-spot and the elusive G-spot. So while the thick and grippy shaft grinds the juicy canal with its movable head, the rabbit ears stroke the clitoris, guaranteeing the strong-as-ox orgasm. If you want to take the pleasure further up to the moon and back, go for the TRIPLE-anal clit stimulator rabbit vibrator that penetrates both vajajay, backdoor and clit, stroking the sweet spots simultaneously.



How to Use it

A rabbit vibrator comes with customizable vibration patterns and with option of different thrusting speeds. You can adjust the vibrations per your desired tempo and gradually increase the intensity and thrusts. It comes with several rhythmic pulsations so that you can reach your ultimate pleasure zone - again and again. Just wash the vibrator with warm water and mild soap or professional adult toys cleaner, charge it for a couple of hours, spread your legs, and thrust it in for cum-plete pleasure for up to one hour or more. 


2. Strap-Ons

A strap-on comprises two components: the harness and the dildo, or even sex toy such as our CHIANDRA-S! Strap-Ons are perfect for gay and lesbian couples who do not want to miss out on the pleasure of deep penetration. The strap-on dildos come with a flat base and can be harnessed to a strap or lay flat on a surface to allow harness-free pleasure.  The choice is yours!

How to Use it

Secure the strap-on to your body and penetrate your partner deeply and safely. Titillate your partner’s crotch or butt by gripping the dildo for a better control. 


3. Wand Vibrators

When it comes to giving greater areas of pleasure, wand vibrators are among the greatest sex toys available. Compared to other clitoral vibrators that are more focused, the multi angular head of a wand targets a greater surface area and a greater number of nerve endings. If you believe that your body is not able to handle direct, targeted stimulation, this is a perfect alternative.

A wand massager can be seamlessly incorporated into coupled sex, however it is ideal for single usage. When there is already a lot of stimulation present, a strong toy like a vibrating wand is a perfect complement because its strong settings are sure to make a difference. When paired with other forms of intercourse or during penetration, the long handle facilitates easy additions. 

If you're seeking for a different way to relieve stress instead than masturbating, a wand vibrator can be quite helpful. The lower back, quadriceps, tight spots in the neck and shoulders, and any other area carrying some additional strain can all be relieved with vibrating wands! A personal massager and a vibrator? Sure, please!


4. Cock Rings

Men love cock rings! These enhance stamina and prolong pleasure by restricting blood flow. When the blood does not flow back into the penis, you get an intensified hard-on for longer than usual.




How to Use Them

Wash and dry the cock ring thoroughly. Apply lube to the inner surface for easy sliding onto the penis. The ring will tighten around the penis once it erects. Most cock rings are designed for both penis and balls. Place it around the testicles and guide the penile head first inside for a comfortable fit.


5. Anal Toys

You can explore a diverse array of anal pleasures with anal plugs or anal vibrators. Designed with safety and pleasure in mind, anal toys come in vibrating and non-vibrating designs. These are crafted from non-toxic and non-hazardous materials, such as medical grade or food grade silicone.



How to Use Them

Anal Plugs: they provide anal stimulation. These are available in multiple style and colors, made of either glass, stainless steel or aluminum, each designed to fit comfortably in the butt. A plug has a broad base to prevent unwanted travel and provide a secure and enjoyable experience. Compared to other materials, like silicone toys, these materials make them heavier, more glossy, firmer, smoother, and visually appealing. The ability of metal plugs to react to both warm and cold conditions makes them special. The best method for warming a metal butt plug is to immerse it in a bowl of warm water for ten to fifteen minutes, if you'd want to have a warm experience. You can even swap it out for a bowl of cold water if you'd prefer one that's cool. To make sure you achieve the ideal level of coolness, add a few ice cubes.

Anal Vibrators: Specially tailored for pegging, anal vibrators are extremely fun. These are safe, comfortable and come with multiple vibration patterns and even thrusting function.  The best thing about anal vibrators is their flexibility and deep penetration so that they provide extreme pleasure by stimulating the prostate for men or just women's backdoor.


Final Words

Sex toys are your passport to the bliss land. The world of carnal desire is boundless and waiting for you to dive in and experiment fearlessly with your wild desires. Begin your journey as an informed user with one sex toy at a time and enjoy pleasure you’ve never known before.


Finally, pick the right quality lubes to turn good sex into great sex. Lubes are safe and non-sticky and complement your body’s natural lubrication. We recommend to use only water-based lubes, if silicone-based, or hybrid, make sure it is compatible with silicone sex toys and body safe.  Also, they must not stain the bedsheets or dress.  Look for certified Quality Management System ISO 13485:2016 (Medical device ISO) within the scope of Manufacture and Distribution of Personal Lubricants.

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